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To Build or to Buy

Imagine you’re ready to settle down and invest in a home you can grow old in. If your home is where the heart is, choosing whether to buy a house or build a custom home is significant. Both options seem attractive at first glance. Yet, it would help if you weighed the cost of your money, time, and resources to determine which option best fits your needs.

Whether your knowledge of homeownership is limited to binge-watching seasons of “Selling Sunset” and “Fixer Upper,” or you’ve got more extensive expertise because you have done your homework, it can still be a daunting process to decide whether to buy or build.

Let’s talk about the differences between buying a home versus building a custom home. We will debunk the myths surrounding the building option; then, if you’re ready to make it happen, we’ll tell you the following steps to making your dream custom home a reality. At TKZ Architecture, we are here to help you design and build the home of your dreams that fits your and your family’s lifestyle!


Buying a pre-existing home can seem like a more accessible option at first glance. How often have you driven past a neighborhood or home from work, you saw a “For Sale” sign, and your mind wandered to buying a house? As tempting as it may seem, anyone who has sought to buy a house in the last few months has faced house buying challenges in this current market. Housing prices have been going up, and the availability of homes has fluctuated as supply chains have been disrupted due to the global pandemic and other factors.

Take a moment to think about your next home. Your home is a place you want to feel comfortable. It will be the stage of some big moments in your life. While you could go the expected route of purchasing a pre-existing home, how much more exciting could your new home be if it fits you and your family! This is where custom homes come in. Now is the perfect time to consider investing in a custom home!

A custom home that would fit the lifestyle of an older couple who are empty nesters may look very different from a custom home for a young couple with toddlers. If different people accomplishing different activities need different shoes (think: stilettos versus running shoes!), then different individuals and families with different lifestyles can flourish best with the right fit of a custom home.

Build the House of Your Dreams

So, where do you start? At TKZ Architecture, we want to walk you through this process and help demystify the building process. To build a home, you’ll have to take the steps of securing funding, as you would if you were purchasing a home. The difference is that your next step would be finding land and hiring an architect to help you through the process. At TKZ Architecture, we happily work with our clients to identify a great location and help families optimize the budget they’ve set for their home building process.

When your land has been confirmed, sitting down with our architect will begin the process of bringing your dreams to life. Are you and your partner into fitness? We will be there alongside you as you bring to life a home that will wrap around your active lifestyle! Do you desire a home that will be both comfortable and functional for your children to grow up in and have an active childhood? We are happy to help you design that as well!
All the while, TKZ Architecture is committed to building sustainable homes that can be made in a way that uses the best, most sustainable materials. We also work with clients to create economical homes without compromising quality. Homes with TKZ Architecture can be designed in ways that best use natural light and in a way that can help the house naturally cool in the warmer months and naturally preserve heat in the cooler months. The benefit of that level of attention to detail will help you as a homeowner save money in the long run on heating and electricity bills.

There are many benefits to building a custom home where you and your family can lay their head. Whatever the case is, a custom home is within your reach. Ask us here at TKZ Architecture how we can help you build the house of your dreams!