So you’ve decided to build or renovate your dental office – congratulations! You may be wondering to yourself, “When in the process do I call an architect?” While some dental offices are designed by contractors or interior designers, working with an architect can provide numerous benefits when trying to create an efficient, functional, and beautiful space. Here are some key factors to consider if you are deciding when to call an architect during your dental architecture project:

1. Complexity of the Project

When designing a dental architecture project that is relatively simple, such as a minor renovation or a basic equipment upgrade, it may be easy for you to work directly with a contractor or interior designer to achieve your goals. However, if your project is a complete redesign of an existing space or even a major structural change, an architect is better equipped to handle to intricacies of such a project.

2. Building Codes and Regulations

There is a wide range of building codes and regulations that dental offices are subject to. Some of those pertain to accessibility, infection control, and patient privacy. Working with an architect can ensure that your dental office meets these requirements, reducing the risk of costly and time-consuming compliance issues down the road.

3. Design Expertise

Architects are specially trained to examine spaces and develop them creatively. They possess a deep understanding of the core principles that guide good design and aesthetics. They can help to create a dental office that not only functions well and efficiently, but they can also help create a visually appealing and welcoming environment for patients and staff.

4. Budget Considerations

While working with an architect may involve higher costs upfront, it is an investment that can often save money in the long run by helping you avoid costly mistakes, and ensuring that the project is completed on time and within the budget.


There are some key factors when deciding when to bring an architect into your dental architecture project. These factors include, among other things, how complex your project is, what regulations and building codes you need to adhere to, what type of design expertise you require, and your project budget. When your team is ready to bring in a high-quality architecture firm to help design your project, TKZ Architecture is here to walk alongside you, and we are ready to meet your unique needs.