The operatory is the space in your dental office where patients are seen. Getting this space set up well is very important. The way it is laid out, the lighting, where patients sit when they receive service, and even your equipment and its sounds will all impact the quality of patient visits. Each of these elements should be thoughtfully considered when creating a comfortable and efficient dental office.


The layout of your operatory can make or break the flow of your dental procedures. Where you place chairs, equipment, tables, and other furniture should be in a way that allows for easy access and movement of the dentist and their assistant.


For dentists to see their patient’s teeth and reduce their eye strain, proper lighting must be installed. This includes a combination of overhead lighting and closer fixtures that will aid in creating a well-lit environment that is comfortable for both the patient and the dentist.

Comfortable Seating

Patients tend to spend quite a bit of their visit in the dental chair. As such, comfortable and ergonomic dental chairs must be there to greet them. When a patient has proper support for their head and neck, it helps them feel more at ease during their visit with the dentist. Having a reputable and reliable equipment supplier goes a long way.

Infection Control

Creating a clean, infection-free healthcare environment as a dental office should be a top priority. Designing your office for infection control, such as ensuring proper ventilation and installing easily cleanable surfaces will help facilitate this.


A major investment for dental offices is the dental equipment itself. It is important to select equipment that is easy to use, maintain, and ergonomic. This aids productivity among dental staff who have to use the equipment.


A dental office can greatly serve its patients by investing in a soundproof design that creates a peaceful, less-noisy environment.


Dental offices depend on a variety of technology resources to improve their efficiency and accuracy. X-rays, electronic health records, and other technology must be user-friendly and compatible with existing systems, to help the dental office serve its patients efficiently.
By paying attention to these key areas, you can design a dental office that creates a comfortable and efficient experience for both your patient visitors, as well as the staff who help run your facility. TKZ Architecture is here to help you with your design needs to help transform your space into a warm, welcoming, well-run dental office.