CEILINGS, the sky's the limit - TKZ Architecture LLC

The sky’s the limit! But if you’re in a building the ceiling is.

When people think of a ceiling, they may only picture the top of the inside of a building. The part that sometimes has lights and maybe a fan. Let me ask you this, how do you feel about your ceiling? The one you’re sitting under right now? Does it inspire you, or not so much?

A little while ago I had a fun project I was hired to do, and you guessed it, it was a ceiling design project. The client wanted their new nail salon to be a beautiful space. They wanted the place to feel “high end” too.

There are different tools a designer can use to bring life to a ceiling.

One of them is clouds. Clouds are elements that hang down from above and give the space a layering effect. Designers can also use LED lights to create an ambient glow in the space, this can help create a calming environment. Another of my favorite design tools are modern chandeliers, these beautifully designed hanging light fixtures can really make a space pop. We used these 3 elements (and others too) in designing the ceiling for the nail salon.

Not only do ceilings help make the space beautiful,

but they also serve other purposes. Ceilings help control sound so that the space doesn’t become too noisy. Ceilings also control the flow of smoke in emergencies.

Hopefully, you now have a newfound appreciation of the potential a ceiling has to make the inside of a building a great place to be.